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Koliko je važno svijetlo u dnevnoj sobi?

Odgovarajuće osvjetljenje je od suštinskog značaja za svaki dom. Najbitnije je održati sklad između osobenosti i funkcionalnosti prostorije kada je u pitanju osvjetljenje dnevne sobe. Pravilnim odabirom osvjetljenja može se transformisati cijela atmosfera dnevne sobe. Treba imati na umu da osvetljenje ne samo da ima estetsku ulogu kao i ulogu u unapređenju raspoloženja, i pored toga igra važnu funkcionalnu ulogu u osvjetljavanju bitnih cjelina u dnevnoj sobi .

The living room is an important room where most people spend their leisure times with their families or friends. If your living room is large with different zones such as a dining area, home office or a lounging area, it is important that each zone has adequate lighting without overpowering other areas. While choosing the lighting, one should consider the atmosphere, one is looking to create and choose the bulbs and lamps accordingly. It is best to buy energy bulbs that can be dimmed easily to create an atmosphere of warmth and change the mood of the room whenever required. The work areas need to be properly lit and special places or paintings on the walls  or art works, one can use spotlights to bring attention to them.

Most people spend hours choosing the perfect sofa or the paint color for their living room, but they forget the importance of lighting. For a good living room lighting, it is important to use different kind of lights and at different levels that work together to create the perfect ambience. The lighting should not only allow people to carry on with their daily lives, but can also accommodate different events and parties that takes place. A bad lighting design can make your living room look old fashioned and unattractive. Thus, proper use of lighting is very important to bring the entire space together.

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